Love For The Children

Our beloved Prophet(sm) was so loving to everyone, but at the same time, he was particularly compassionate to children. He would constantly be seen playing with them, joking with them, embracing them, visiting them when they are sick, lifting their spirit when they are down. He would even try to speak to the non-arab children in their own language just to show them that he loves them just as much.

A young girl could take his hand and walk him all around Madina without him letting go of her hand until she lets go of his.

When Hasan and Husain used to jump on his back while he was praying, he used to wait for them to come down. He once said: ” when I stand for prayer I enjoy prolonging it, but once I heard a child crying, I cut it short “.

We often get impatient with children forgetting that we were once them, and one day they will be like us, hopefully, they’ll show us mercy the way we showed it to them. The prophet(sm) showed interest in their interests. He played with their toys, he even once asked about one of the kid’s birds; saying: ” O Umair! What’s your little bird up to? ”

We seem to forget at times that loving children is one of the easiest ways by which we can gain Allah’s love. For our Prophet(sm) said that those who do not show compassion,  will not receive it. Compassion is a natural part of humanity and it is even further enhanced in our religion.

Imagine how different the world would be if we were all just the little bit more loving and kind to our family members. And love is not only expressed in words. The prophet(sm) despite carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, still paid attention to the small things like drinking from the same part of the glass, sneaking in & give a surprise or even challenging you to a surprise race.

Our Prophet(sm) paid close attention to all these small tasks just to show love, compassion, and kindness to the children.

Let us all be kind and loving to the children..For our Prophet(sm) taught us to be so.

These Children are the future of this world. If we can teach them love, kindness, compassion,  manner; this world will definitely be more beautiful than it is today inshaAllah 🙂


[ The above is extracted & modified from an inspirational video that tells the story of little Fatima & his uncle who totally changed himself after studying the life of Prophet(sm) and understanding how deeply Prophet(sm) cared for the children ] 




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