College Life Memories-01

In College, I had a unique class roll number (or so as I like to call it). It was Two-Three-Four, I mean, 234  ^_^

All my two years life in college, I can’t tell you how much I wished my roll number was 1234 instead of 234 only. 😛

Our college could only hold 1200 seats, so it was not practically possible. Perhaps that was another golden reason why I wanted it so much…haha .

My college life memories, if you ask, are mostly funny. I mean, full of weird memories since I was one of those students who were not fond of attending classes.  Honestly saying, I chose to study in Govt. college for this one simple reason that I won’t have to attend classes. Fakibaj — as aunties like to call it.

Nevertheless, I did attend classes because I had to go by train, and I loved train journey, although the duration was for 10 mins only, from Kamlapur to Tejgaon. The new DEMU train was my favorite like everyone else because it was faster and “hassle” free. I put the word hassle in quotation mark for a special reason. Let me tell you what hassle means in the Train. 😛

Along with shouldering, squeezing & elbowing with people to find some space to stand, you would also have to master how to protect your back-pocket from being stolen. But that was still okay. What was not okay was to witness some people bringing “Murgi” and “Chhagol” into the train deck, literally.

Standing beside a ‘goat’ in a Train is probably the weirdest feeling in my Life…haha. As I am writing this true story, I can’t stop laughing.

My everyday morning routine was to rush to the train station and find the correct platform. Sometimes, I had to wait long enough to realize that no train was leaving today. Sometimes, I had to chase the train, jump into it…and sometimes, had to watch it going past me.

It even occurred that we had an exam, but the train didn’t start in time, so some of my friends & I decided to start walking along the train line until we reached Tejgaon. We took the brave decision and eventually reached college within 45 mins.  It was a huge success.

You know, those days were troublesome, strictly scheduled and sometimes tiring too, but I still kinda miss them.

Time flies indeed!!

Roll: 234
Section: B
Batch: ’15
A Proud GSCian



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