“Sleep is god, Go worship”

I watched a nice lecture by a Canadian Neuroscientist, Russel Foster, who basically changed my whole idea about Sleep.

The topic was, why do we sleep & what are the common problems that might occur if we don’t sleep properly at night. 

Foster made clear remarks about the direct connection between loss of sleep and weight gain. If you sleep around about five hours or less every night, then you have a 50% likelihood of being Obese. 
So what is the science behind it?

Well, sleep loss seems to give rise to the release of the hormone Ghrelin, commonly known as the hunger hormone. When Ghrelin is released, it excites the brain to get more Carbohydrates particularly sugar. 

However, scienstists found a link between tiredness & the metabolic predisposition for weight gain.

Tired people are massively stressed. If you are acutely stressed, it is not a great problem. But if it is sustained stress associated with sleep loss, then that’s a real problem. 

Sustained stress leads to suppressed immunity, so tired people tends to have higher rates of overall infection, and there’s some very good studies showing that shift-workers, for example have higher rates of cancer. 

High level of stress increases glucose acitivity into the circulation. Therefore, glucose becomes a dominant part of the vascular system and essentially makes you become glucose intolerant; finally Diabetes 2.

Rise of blood pressure level due to stress leads to various Cardiovascular diseases. So there’s is whole raft of things associated with sleep loss that are more than just mildly impaired brain.

The bottom line is– If you get sleep, it reduces your stress, helps you consolidate your memory, allows you to think more creatively, changes your mood and your level of anger, your impulsivity and much more. 
Let me finish the article with a quote from 

Jim Butcher, the fantasy writer said,
 “Sleep is god, go worship ” 😂



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